Book Reviews

Take a look at some of the new arrivals and favorite books that are available in our library!

Applegate, K. (2015) Crenshaw. NY: Feiwel and Friends.

Jackson and his family have fallen on hard times.  They have little money or food and may soon have to leave their home because they can't pay the rent. They may end up living in their minivan. Again. Crenshaw is a large cat that is Jackson's imaginary friend. He's here to help Jackson deal with the recent struggles in his life. 

Auxier, J. (2015). The night gardener. NY: Amulet Books.

This book was a 2015-2016 Texas Bluebonnet Award winning book!  It's a very scary tale about two orphans that accept jobs at a haunted mansion.  While they are there, they notice that the family is very sickly, a giant tree grows throughout the house, and a mysterious ghost walks around each night in the house. They must find out what is happening and how to make it stop.  This is a very creepy and exciting tale!

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